The FIMS Graduate Library has a collection of DVDs located near the Career Resources section in the Stacks.

  • Uncatalogued DVDs are arranged by genre, then within genre, arranged alphabetically: Documentaries, Classic Movies, LIS Materials, Pop Culture, and TV Series.
  • All are available for overnight loan.
TitleGenreSourceRunning TimeCall Number
Behind the Scenes at the Walt Disney Studio (2 discs)DocumentaryDisney240 min.Uncatalogued
Chasing the Cancer Answer (2005)DocumentaryCanadian Broadcasting Corp.44 min.RC265.6.M46C33 2005
Cher : Live in Concert (1999)Documentary (JB Collection)HBO Home Video90 min.Uncatalogued
Citizen Four (2015)DocumentaryEntertainment One Films113 min.

JF1525.W45C58 2015

Edward R. Morrow Collection (1991) (4 DVDs) Harvest of ShameDocumentaryCBS Inc.55 min.Uncatalogued
Edward R. Morrow Collection (1991) McCarthy YearsDocumentaryCBS Inc.114+ min.Uncatalogued
Edward R. Morrow Collection (1991) The Best of See It NowDocumentaryCBS Inc.111+ min.Uncatalogued
Edward R. Morrow Collection (1991) This ReporterDocumentaryCBS Inc.113+ min.Uncatalogued
Eugene Debs & The American Movement (1977)DocumentaryCambridge Documentary Films43 min.Uncatalogued
Eyes on the Fries: Young Workers in the Service Economy (incl. booklet)DocumentaryUC Berkeley Labor Ctr./Peek Media21 min.Uncatalogued
Globalization and the Media (2002) DocumentaryFilms for the Humanities and Sciences22 min.N/A
John Canemaker: Marching to a Different Toon (2001)DocumentaryImage Entertainment60 min.Uncatalogued
Joni Mitchell : A Life StoryDocumentary (JB Collection)Eagle Rock Entertainment120 min.Uncatalogued
The Last Waltz (1978)Documentary (JB Collection)MGM Home Entertainment117 min.Uncatalogued
Life Under Mike: What the Hell was Ontario Thinking? (2000)DocumentaryGuerrilla Films Inc50 min.Uncatalogued
Little Sisters vs. Big Brother (2002)DocumentaryHomeboys Productions48 min.Z658.C2L588 2002
Manufactured Landscapes (2007)DocumentaryNational Film Board90 min.Uncatalogued
Media Hype: When News Coverage Goes Too Far (2004)DocumentaryABC News Inc.41 min.P96.O24M43 2004
Merchants of Cool (Frontline Episode) (2003)DocumentaryWGBH Educational Foundation60 min.HF5415.33.U6M55 2003
Storytelling Class (2009)DocumentarySedna Pictures Inc.59 min.LC1099.5.M3S767 2009
Thin Blue Line (1988)DocumentaryMGM Home Entertainment102 min.Uncatalogued
Tribute to Quebec City: Celebrating 400 Years of History (2008) (3-DVD Set; 2 copies)DocumentaryNational Film BoardN/AUncatalogued
Up the Yangtze (2007)DocumentaryNFB93 min.Uncatalogued
War Stories (2004)DocumentaryNBC Studios Inc.88 min.Uncatalogued
Whose University Is It? (2003)DocumentaryGuerrilla Films Inc.50 min.Uncatalogued
Bedazzled (1967)Classic Movies20th. Century Fox Film Corp.104 min.Uncatalogued
Best of Everything (1959)Classic Movies20th. Century Fox Film Corp.121 min.Uncatalogued
Call Northside 777 (1948)Classic Movies20th. Century Fox Film Corp.

111 min.

Carnal Knowledge (1971)Classic MoviesMGM Home Entertainment98 min.PN1997.C369 2005
Desk Set (1957)Classic Movies20th. Century Fox Film Corp.103 min.Uncatalogued
Face in the Crowd (1957)Classic MoviesWarner Home Video Inc.126 min.Uncatalogued
Gilda (1946)Classic Movies (JB Collection)Columbia Pictures110 min.Uncatalogued
Jazz Singer (1927)Classic MoviesWarner Home Video Inc.96 min.PN1997.J353 2007
Naked Truth (1958)Classic MoviesMGM Home Entertainment93 min.Uncatalogued
Nashville (1975)Classic MoviesParamount Pictures160 min.Uncatalogued
Singin’ in the Rain (1952)Classic MoviesWarner Home Video Inc.103 min.PN1997.S535 2012
Spirited Away (2001)Classic MoviesWalt Disney Home Entertainment125 min.Uncatalogued
Sweet Smell of Success (1957)Classic MoviesMGM Home Entertainment96 min.Uncatalogued
Yojimbo (1961)Classic MoviesCriterion Collection110 min.Uncatalogued
Booktalking with Joni Bodart (1986) (VHS)LIS MaterialsH.W. Wilson25 min.Z716.3.B63 1986
Breaking the Mold: Innovative Libraries and Programs (2007)LIS MaterialsLibrary Video Network25 min.Z678.B81674 2007
Bridging the Digital Divide in the Spanish Speaking Community (2004)LIS MaterialsColorado State Library25 min.Z711.8.B754 2004
Changing Times, Changing Libraries (2012)LIS MaterialsLibrary Video Network75 min.Z678.C436 2012
Conducting the Reference Interview (2004)LIS MaterialsLibrary Video Network30 min.Z711.C66 2004
Copyright Criminals (2010)LIS MaterialsIndiepix Films53 min.K1450.C679 2010
Distant Libraries of the World (2006)LIS MaterialsRemote Access24 min.Uncatalogued
Diversity in the Library: A Way of Life (2001)LIS MaterialsLibrary Video Network20 min.Z682.35.P82D58 2001
Holding an Effective Meeting (2006)LIS MaterialsLibrary Video Network18 min.HF5734.5.H653 2006
Join the Health Care Team: Become a Medical Librarian (2011)LIS MaterialsMedical Library Association11 min.Uncatalogued
Library as Place (2004) (copy 1)LIS MaterialsAsssoc. of Academic Health Sciences LibrariesN/AZ675.M4S96 2004
Library as Place (2004) (copy 2)LIS MaterialsAsssoc. of Academic Health Sciences LibrariesN/AUncatalogued
Marketing Your Library (2005)LIS MaterialsLibrary Video Network20 min.Z716.3.M2994 2005
Merchandising Strategies (2005)LIS MaterialsLibrary Video NetworkN/AZ717.M47 2005
Slow Fires: On the Preservation of the Human Record (1987)LIS MaterialsAmerican Film Foundation60 min.Z701.S585 1987b
Tips & Techniques: Storytelling with Puppets and Props (2002)LIS MaterialsLibrary Video Network21 min.PN1972.T577 2002
8 Mile (2002)Pop Culture (JB Collection)Universal111 min.Uncatalogued
Barbershop (2002)Pop CultureMGM Home Entertainment102 min.Uncatalogued
Battlestar Galactica: Razor (2007)Pop CultureUniversal Studios1 hr., 41 min.Uncatalogued
Bicentennial Man (1999)Pop CultureColumbia Pictures131 min.Uncatalogued
Carmen (1984) Pop Culture (JB Collection) Columbia Tristar155 min.Uncatalogued
Clueless (1995)Pop CultureParamount Pictures97 min.Uncatalogued
Code 46 (2004)Pop CultureMGM Home Entertainment93 min.Uncatalogued
Elvis Blue Hawaii (1961)Pop CultureParamount Pictures101 min.Uncatalogued
Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence (2004)Pop CultureDreamworks Home Entertainment100 min.Uncatalogued
Good Night and Good Luck (2006)Pop CultureSony Pictures Home Entertainment93 min.Uncatalogued
Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996)Pop CultureWalt Disney Home Video91 min.Uncatalogued
I, Robot (2004)Pop Culture20th Century Fox114 min.Uncatalogued
Librarian: Quest for the Spear (2005)Pop CultureWarner Home Video Inc.106 min.PN1997.2.L537 2005
Librarian: Return to King Solomon’s Mines (2006)Pop CultureWarner Home Video Inc.92 min.PN1997.2.L5377 2006
Lone Star (1996)Pop CultureColumbia Tristar Home Ent.135 min.Uncatalogued
Men With Guns (1997)Pop CultureColumbia Tristar Home Ent.128 min.Uncatalogued
Moulin Rouge (2001)Pop Culture (JB Collection)20th Century Fox127 min.Uncatalogued
Northfork (2003)Pop CultureParamount Pictures103 min.Uncatalogued
Party Girl (1995)Pop CultureLions Gate Films95 min.PN1995.9.C55P378 2003
Pillow Book (1998)Pop CultureColumbia Tristar Home Ent.126 min.Uncatalogued
Pleasantville (1998)Pop CultureNew Line Productions Inc.124 min.Uncatalogued
Scratch (2002)Pop Culture (JB Collection)Palm Pictures92 min.Uncatalogued
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (2004)Pop CultureParamount Pictures106 min.Uncatalogued
Strange Culture (2007)Pop CultureDocuramafilms75 min.Uncatalogued
Tami Show (Teenage Awards Music International) (1964)Pop CultureShout Factory112 min.M1630.18.T36 2009
Testament (1983)Pop CultureParamount Pictures89 min.Uncatalogued
Zathura (2005)Pop CultureSony Pictures101 min.Uncatalogued
24, Season 3 (2003)TV Series20th Century Fox1060 min.Uncatalogued
7th heaven, Season 1 (1996)TV SeriesParamount Pictures16 hrs., 39 min.Uncatalogued
7th heaven, Season 2 (1997)TV SeriesParamount Pictures16hrs., 39 min.Uncatalogued
Alias, Season 1 (2003)TV SeriesTouchstone TelevisionN/AUncatalogued
Alias, Season 2 (2003)TV SeriesTouchstone TelevisionN/AUncatalogued
Alias, Season 3 (2004)TV SeriesTouchstone TelevisionN/AUncatalogued
Alias, Season 4 (2005)TV SeriesTouchstone Television925 min.Uncatalogued
America’s Next Top Model (2003)TV SeriesParamount Pictures6hrs., 20 min.Uncatalogued
American Justice: Long Island Railroad MassacreTV SeriesTowers ProductionsN/AUncatalogued
Angel, Season 1 (1999)TV Series20th Century Fox990 min.Uncatalogued
Angel, Season 2 (2000)TV Series20th Century Fox990 min.Uncatalogued
Angel, Season 3 (2001)TV Series20th Century Fox990 min.Uncatalogued
Angel, Season 4 (2002)TV Series20th Century Fox990 min.Uncatalogued
Angel, Season 5 (2003)TV Series20th Century Fox990 min.Uncatalogued
Battlestar Galactica:The Miniseries (2004)TV SeriesUniversal Studios3 hrs., 3 min.Uncatalogued
Battlestar Galactica, Season 1 (2005)TV SeriesUniversal Studios12 hrs., 36 min.Uncatalogued
Battlestar Galactica, Season 2 (2005)TV SeriesUniversal Studios7 hrs., 18 minUncatalogued
Battlestar Galactica, Season 2.5 (2006)TV SeriesUniversal Studios8 hrs., 41 min.Uncatalogued
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 1 (1997)TV Series20th Century FoxN/AUncatalogued
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 2 (1997)TV Series20th Century FoxN/AUncatalogued
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 3 (1998)TV Series20th Century FoxN/AUncatalogued
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 4 (1999)TV Series20th Century Fox990 min.Uncatalogued
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 5 (2000)TV Series20th Century Fox990 min.Uncatalogued
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 6 (2001)TV Series20th Century Fox990 min.Uncatalogued
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 7 (2002)TV Series20th Century Fox990 min.Uncatalogued
Charlie Rose (October 29, 1998)TV SeriesWNET57 min.Uncatalogued
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Season 1 (2000)TV SeriesCBS17hrs., 5 min.Uncatalogued
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Season 2 (2001)TV SeriesCBS16hrs., 45 min.Uncatalogued
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Season 3 (2002)TV SeriesCBS17hrs., 2 min.Uncatalogued
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Season 4 (2003)TV SeriesCBS16hrs., 34 min.Uncatalogued
Frasier, Season 1 (1993)TV SeriesParamount Pictures9hrs., 34 min.Uncatalogued
Friends, Season 2 (1996)TV SeriesWarner Bros.566 min.Uncatalogued
Ghost Whisperer, Season 1 (2005)TV SeriesParamount Pictures16hrs.Uncatalogued
Joan of Arcadia, Season 1 (2003)TV SeriesSony and CBS17hrs., 8 min.Uncatalogued
John Adams (2008)TV SeriesHBON/AUncatalogued
Law and Order, Season 14 (2003)TV SeriesUniversal Studios17hrs., 25 min.Uncatalogued
Medium, Season 1 (2005)TV SeriesCBS11 hrs., 24 min.Uncatalogued
Medium, Season 2 (2005)TV SeriesCBS11 hrs., 24 min.Uncatalogued
Over There (2005)TV Series20th Century Fox574 min.Uncatalogued
Project Runway, Season 1 (2004)TV SeriesMiramax Television509 min.Uncatalogued
project Runway, Season 2 (2006)TV SeriesMiramax Television751 min.Uncatalogued
Revelations: Omnium Finis Imminent (2005)TV SeriesUniversal Studios4 hrs., 30 min.Uncatalogued
The Simple Life, Season 4 (2006)TV Series20th Century Fox216 min.Uncatalogued
True Blood, Season 1 (2009)TV SeriesHBO720 min.Uncatalogued
Veronica Mars, Season 1 (2004)TV SeriesWarner Bros.935 min.Uncatalogued
The X Files, Season 1 (1993)TV Series20th Century FoxN/AUncatalogued
The X Files, Season 2 (1994)TV Series20th Century Fox1124 min.Uncatalogued
The X Files, Season 3 (1995)TV Series20th Century Fox1071 min.Uncatalogued
The X Files, Season 4 (1996)TV Series20th Century Fox1065 min.Uncatalogued

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