Accessibility Resources

This list of resources and subject headings about accessibility at the libraries. The reference books below are physically available at the FIMS Graduate Library. Visit the library and ask our library assistants for access and recommendations.

People with physical disabilities

Handicapped, People with disabilities, Libraries and people with disabilities (Z711.92.H3) 

Physical disabilities, People with (Z711.92.P5)

Improving the Quality of library services for students with disabilities book cover

Improving the quality of library services for students with disabilities
Call # Z711.92.P5 I47 2006
Summary:  Hernon and Calvert present two sets of a data collection tool to compare the expectations of students with disabilities and their views of the quality of a provided service.

People with social disabilities

Social disabilities, People with (Z711.92.S6)

A trauma-informed Framework for Supporting Patrons book cover A trauma-informed framework for supporting patrons: the PLA workbook of best practices 
Call #: Z711.92.S6 T73 2022
Summary: This workbook from the PLA Social Worker Task Force (SWTF) introduces a collection of trauma-informed techniques to support your library’s patrons.
A trauma-informed approach to library services book cover A trauma-informed approach to library services
Call #:  Z711.92.S6 T65 2020
Summary:  Experienced in both academic and public libraries, Tolley presents how library can enhance psychological safety for library workers, students, PTSD patrons and LGBTQIA+ communities.
  • Community-led libraries toolkit: starting us all down the path toward developing inclusive public libraries (Z716.4 C666 2008)

People with mental disabilities

Mental disabilities, People with (Z711.92.M4)

Mentally ill (Z711.92.M42)

Supporting people to live well with dementia book cover Supporting people to live well with dementia: a guide for library services workbook of best practices 
Call #: Z711.92.M4
Summary: This book introduces how library patrons may be affected by dementia, and some ways they can bring positive impact to their communities.

Accessibility Technologies and Infrastructure

Library architecture for people with disabilities. Barrier-free design (Z679.8)

Libraries and people with disabilities — United States (Z7111.92.H3)

Library employees with disabilities — United States (Z682.4.L46) 

Seeking to understand A journey into disability studies and libraries book cover Seeking to understand: a journey into disability studies and libraries
Call #: Z682.4 L46 B76 2021
Summary: Written by two disabled librarians, this book presents a resource guide for building empathy in the library and how to make jobs ads more equitable.
Beyond Accommodation book cover Beyond accommodation: creating an inclusive workplace for disabled library workers
Call #: Z682.4. L46 S36 2020
Summary: Through the perspective of critical disability theory, Schomberg and Highby address the workplace challenges encountered by library workers who are disabled. 
Creating inclusive library environments book cover Creating inclusive library environments : a planning guide for serving patrons with disabilities
Call #: Z711.92.H3K88 2017
Summary: This book covers every aspect of planning a barrier-free library environments with research-based evidence, ranging from policy-making to programming and outreach. 
implementing cost-effective assistive computer technology book cover Implementing cost-effective assistive computer technology : a how-to-do-it manual for librarians
Call #: Z711.92.H3 V56 2012
Summary: This guide introduces the tips to incorporate appropriate assistive and computer technology into its current operations, including an effective communication with users and planning strategies.
Assistive technologies in the libraries book cover Assistive technologies in the library
Call #: Z711.92.H3 M42 2011
Summary: This guidebook provides evaluations of different assistive technologies, which help libraries to select the products they need. It also helps libraries to establish an assistive technology work station and training program for library workers. 

Serving people with disabilities

Libraries and people with disabilities — United States (Z711.92.H3) 
Libraries and the developmentally disabled (Z711.92.H3 K58)

Libraries and people with disabilities — Canada (Z679.2)

Academic Libraries — Services to people with disabilities (Z711.92.P5)

Book covers of the books listed above

Additional Resources

National Network for Equitable Library Services

National Braille Press

The Centre for Equitable Library Access (CELA)

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA)

Website Accessibility Evaluation Tools (WAVE)

This guide was created by Hiu Wing (Ann) Sze, FGL Student Assistant, Fall 2023.