The process for requesting Course Readings (ie. Reserves) has changed. We hope this change will create a more seamless experience for both instructors requesting materials and the students accessing them. 

Access the Course Readings Service

If you have an OWL site, the first step is to add the Course Readings Plugin, so that a Course Readings link appears in the left menu. If you do not use OWL, or if your site has not yet been set up, log in to Course Readings with your Western Identity.
After logging in (or clicking the Course Readings link), select a course from the “Current Courses” table or “View upcoming courses” to add or manage readings for that course.

From here, you have two options:
1) Upload your syllabus and we’ll do the rest, or
2) Add course readings individually

To upload Your Syllabus:‚Äč

  1. Log in to the Course Readings service
  2. Choose a current or upcoming course
  3. Select “Add Course Readings”
  4. Choose the “Syllabus Service” form
  5. Upload your syllabus as a Word or PDF document
Instructor view of a course within the "Course Readings" service with "Add Course Readings" highlighted in the left navigation menu and the "Syllabus Service" icon highlighted in the top navigation

To add items individually:

  1. Choose a current or upcoming course
  2. Select “Add Course Readings”
  3. Complete the request form based on the item’s material type
Course Readings main screen with "Add Course Readings" highlighted in the left navigation menu


New Purchases, items to be acquired via Interlibrary Loans, and items requiring copyright clearance may take longer to be made available.

You must submit individual request forms for items you intend to supply, eg. personal copies of books or media, previously scanned books or articles, etc.

Ensure your syllabus includes complete citation information