Grad Projects

Three women working on laptops at a table in the Graduate Library

This page offers a directory of completed FIMS graduate projects. While some are accessible electronically via their linked titles on this page, many more are available in hard copy in the FIMS Graduate Library.

These projects cover:

  • MLIS Individual Study (9410)
  • MLIS Guided Research (9411, 9412)
  • MLIS Major Research (9413-9416)
  • MIT Independent Study (444E)
  • Journalism Independent Study

Please ask at the Service Desk if you need assistance locating a completed project.

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Title of Project Student Advisor Date
Community Needs Assessment Proposal for Pioneer Park Community Library Sarah Frisse Pamela Mackenzie 2021 April


Title of Project Student Advisor Date
The Sense-making Theory: Studying Seniors’ Information Behaviours in Context Yuxiao He Paulette Rothbauer 2019 July


Title of Project Student Advisor Date
“Maybe a Little Less Pre-Planned Dialogue and More Casual Convo”: How YouTuber Jenn Im Negotiates Authenticity in Sponsored Content and How Audiences Make Sense of It

A Broader Examination of Information Literacy: Key to Solving the ‘Fake News’ Epidemic?

Olivia Nazarewich

Nicole Delellis

Anabel Quan-Haase

Victoria Rubin

2018 April

2018 April


Title of Project Student Advisor Date
Critical Information Literacy in Ontario K-12 and Higher Education Devina Dandar Lynne McKechnie 2017 May
Introverts In The Library Erin Braam Paulette Rothbauer 2017 August


Title of Project Student Advisor Date
Health 2.0: the scholarly communication practices of medical sciences and health sciences users on Lydia Thorne Anabel Quan-Haase 2016
Inciting curiosity and embedding information literacy to promote scientific literacy Siu Hong Yu Marni Harrington/Paulette Rothbauer 2016 August
The opportunities and challenges of implementing the directive on open government in the Canadian federal government’s neoliberal landscape Danielle Ridge Ajit Pyati 2016 August
Altmetrics and researcher social media use Lauren Byl Isola
2016 Winter
Villains, heroes, and parents: An examination of gender stereotypes and representation of female characters in Canadian award-winning children’s books Emma Kristensen Paulette Rothbauer/
Lynne McKechnie
2016 Winter
Assessing how academic libraries support visual artists Meg Gregory Paulette Rothbauer 2016 Winter
Research data management in Canada Meg Miller Paulette Rothbauer 2016 Winter


Title of Project Student Advisor Date
The professional identity formation of librarians on Twitter: professional development, networking, and chats, oh my! Kevin Tanner Paulette Rothbauer 2015 August


Title of Project Student Advisor Date
Does the co-citation map predict disciplinary clusters in neuroplasticity theory? Michael Gunn Liwen Vaughan 2014 August
Young adult literature, censorship and sex: The impact of Judy Blume’s Forever Laura Trabucco Paulette Rothbauer 2014 August
Boys and reading Megan Cook Paulette Rothbauer 2014 August
When disaster strikes: Opportunities for community and institutional renewal at Elliott Lake Public Library Adam Stewart Catherine Johnson 2014 Winter


Title of Project Student Advisor Date
Knowledge workers of municipal council: A case study Anastasia Bush Isola Ajiferuke 2013 December
A new (early modern) logic for creating user-centric, dynamically interactive digital learning resources in libraries Emma Wilson Isola Ajiferuke 2013 April


Title of Project Student Advisor Date
Information literacy in education: towards a unified framework Keith Willoughby Paulette Rothbauer 2011 December
A matter of degrees: Improving access to geospatial information in libraries through geographic searching Sarah Simpkin Victoria Rubin 2011 August
Getting integrated: A “subversive activity” at McMaster University’s Health Sciences Library Elizabeth Yates Jennifer Noon 2011 August
Directed readings: Human libraries and related topics in library and information science Laura Kely Paprocki Heather Hill 2011 April


Title of Project Student Advisor Date
Spoken for: The representation of the Canadian cultural divide in English and French subject headings Nadine Desrochers Gloria Leckie 2010 December
Suturing the past, presenting the present, aspiring to the future Rachel Melis Bernd Frohmann 2010 December
Virtual patrons, catalysts, and virtual libraries Ricardo A. Garza Wicker Bernd Frohmann 2010 December
Cataloguing and classification of cartographic materials Carol A. Robinson Gloria Leckie/ Cheryl Woods 2010 November
Millennials project final results Heather Campbell Catherine Ross 2010 August
How do kinky people know what they know? : The information behaviour of bdsm practitioners Tomasz Mrozewski Pam McKenzie 2010 Winter


Title of Project Student Advisor Date
Library as place: a review of themes Lisa Egan 2009 Winter
I, reader: A blog series and a book outline John Miedema Lynne McKechnie/ Catherine Ross 2009 December
Usefulness of related functions in Web of Science and Scopus Dorothy Char Isola Ajiferuke 2009 August
Library services for struggling and reluctant young readers: grades 1-6 Erin Giroux Lynne McKechnie 2009 Summer
Leisure in LIS and other disciplines: A thematically arranged annotated bibliography Angela Pollak Lynne McKechnie 2009 July
Looking at listening: Spoken narrative in space and time James Ripley Grant Campbell 2009 April


Title of Project Student Advisor Date
Graphic novel: an introduction to the format Emily Smith Lynne McKechnie 2008 November
A different way to think about the “problem patron”: using a labeling theory framework to approach “problem” behaviours in the library Shelley Ferrell Catherine Ross 2008 November
Sustainability: adding dimensions to a static discourse Tara Hadler Carole Farber/Sandra Keightly 2008 June
Image not available: fair dealing, thin ice, and teaching Canadian art history James Ripley Grant Campbell 2008 April
Information behaviour and self efficacy: Finding employment retraining information and resources Lisa Gayhart Susan Hayter 2008 April


Title of Project Student Advisor Date
For public interest or profit?: a comparison of news coverage between public and private Canadian television Kristina Jovanovski David Spencer 2007 April
Controlled trials of CAM not found in PubMed: Comparing Cochrane CENTRAL, EMBASE, and other databases and analyzing therapy types Elise Cogo Isola Ajiferuke 2007 Fall
Pillars of the community: The Own Sound, St. Marys and Riverdale (Toronto) Carnegie libraries and their changes over a century of service Matthew Griffis Pam McKenzie 2007 August
Buzz, bandwagons and blind faith: library 2.0 and the future of librarianship Tamara Hammond Carole Farber 2007 August
Reading the blind: Information behaviours of print-disabled seniors in London, Ontario Colleen Addison Susan Hayter 2007 August
Information-seeking behaviour of graduate students Marni Harrington Jennifer Noon 2007 April
Making cross-cultural connections in a pre-school multicultural storytime at a public library Linda Bussière Pam McKenzie 2007 April
Should systematic reviewers search for randomized controlled trials published as letters? Alla Iansavitchene Isola Ajiferuke 2007 April


Title of Project Student Advisor Date
Librarians’ understanding of first-generation students’ concerns and needs Karina Douglas Anabel Quan-Haase/ Ronald E. Hansen 2006 December
A country at war: an exploration of historical fiction available to young readers on Canada’s participation in conflicts since 1871 Alayne Dieter Lynne McKechnie 2006 October
Children’s perspectives on minority cultures as presented in a multicultural storytime at the public library Linda Bussière Pam McKenzie 2006 Fall
Standing order: The relationship between book publishers and public libraries in Canada Jason Hammond Lynne McKechnie 2006 Summer
Developing an online resource centre for Librarians Without Borders Susanna Galbraith Pam McKenzie 2006 Summer
Indymedia global community practices, networks, bonding and barriers Toban Black Anabel Quan-Haase 2006 Summer
An examination of the usability of online consumer health information by information professionals Catherine Cotter Roma Harris 2006 August
A comparison of 15 databases for controlled trials of complementary and alternative medicine Elise Cogo Isola Ajiferuke 2006 August
Finding the grey literature in the health sciences Patricia Green Jennifer Noon 2006 July
Alternative medicine for alternative depression: Discourses on complementary and alternative medicine on an online news group Tami Oliphant Catherine Ross 2006 May
Virtual office hours: Students’ perceptions on communicating with professors via instant messaging Jeren Balayeva Anabel Quan-Haase 2006 April
Inappropriate behaviours and campus safety at the University of Western Ontario: A focus group with graduate library and information science students Kevin Manuel Gloria Leckie 2006 April
Online distance course design and instruction in higher education – Theory and practice Lin Peng Tim Craven 2006 April
Succession planning in a special library: The Corporate IT & Management Library, the Government of the Province of British Columbia Denise McGeachy Donna Chan 2006 April
Literature review regarding the treatment of subject headings pertaining to groups of people in the Library of Congress Subject Headings Karina Miki Douglas Tim Craven 2006 April
Steven Soderbergh, section eight ltd., and the sellebrity auteur: commercial authorship in contemporary Hollywood Andrew de Waard Keir Keightley 2006 April
Why adults enjoy reading the Harry Potter children’s series by J.K. Rowling Cassondra Driver Pam McKenzie 2006 Winter
Content analysis of articles on libraries in Canadian national newspapers Mythili Kaneshalingham Isola Ajiferuke 2006 Winter


Title of Project Student Advisor Date
“Circuit of exchange”: A subject bibliography of black Canadian children’s and young adult fiction Heather McKend Pam McKenzie 2005 September
Online U.S. legal research: A guidebook for University of Western Ontario Law School Annie Belanger Sam Trosow 2005 Summer
The contribution of checking reference lists (CRL) for systematic reviews Orvie Coles Isola Ajiferuke 2005 Summer
Searching and visibility of journal content: Providing electronic access to the contents of a small scholarly journal: A feasibility study for the Journal of Studies in Political Economy John Germundson Isola Ajiferuke 2005 August
The road to a profession: The ambiguity of the paraprofessional/professional dynamic Ruth Hamlin-Douglas Pam McKenzie 2005 August
Purls of wisdom: HIB in a public library knitting group Elena Prigoda Pam McKenzie 2005 August
Digital media instruction at the reference desk: Meeting the needs of millennials Sophia Apostol Pam McKenzie 2005 August
Regaining professional ground: Mapping the terrain of information management Sarah Pollard Jennifer Noon 2005 April
Communities of practice: Innovation through collaboration Sean McCaffrey Isola Ajiferuke 2005 April
Communicating the educative role of music librarians: An exploration of indicators on university websites Nancy Anne Brydges Pam McKenzie 2005 April


Title of Project Student Advisor Date
Archival outreach study project Elizabeth Simmons Don Spanner 2004 December
Communicating the educative role of music librarians Nancy Brydges Pam McKenzie 2004 December
Moving towards instructional excellence: An assessment of instructional development needs of academic librarians Katherine MacDonald Donna Chan 2004 December
Building a learning organization for public libraries Kevin Ho Isola Ajiferuke 2004 August
Consumer health information seeking & complementary and alternative medicine: Perspectives from a multidisciplinary literature review Carmen Genuardi Pam McKenzie 2004 April
Optimizing search strategies to identify randomized controlled trials in Medline Li Zhang Isola Ajiferuke/ Margaret Sampson 2004 April
Gathering responses of children and adults to an indeterminate tale: A two-tiered approach Melanie Boyd Lynne McKechnie 2004 April
Consumer health information seeking & gathering in health food store settings Carmen Genuardi Pam McKenzie 2004 April
The indeterminate tale: Thoughts on a neglected genre (with compendium of tales) Melanie Boyd Carole Farber 2004 April
Koha: An open source integrated library system solution Donald Moses Mike Nelson 2004 March
The information seeking behaviour of humanist researchers Andy Barrett Lynne McKechnie 2004 Winter
Rural libraries Trudy Joosse Lynne McKechnie 2004 Winter


Title of Project Student Advisor Date
Informing visual poetry: Information seeking behaviour of artists Sandra Cowan Carole Farber 2003 December
Library use by medical biophysics undergraduates: A survey of student perceptions Kristin Hoffmann Pam McKenzie 2003 December
Elements of fantasy Chad Dubeau Lynne McKechnie 2003 December
Low literacy health information Emily Norman Pam McKenzie 2003 November
Technology within print-culture history: An exploration of the changes in readership Jen Pecoskie Catherine Ross 2003 August
Toronto Mechanics’ Institute: Lofty goals and humble achievements Susan Kernohan Pam McKenzie 2003 July
Award-winning adult lesbian fiction: A survey of Canadian public libraries Jen Pecoskie Pam McKenzie 2003 April


Title of Project Student Advisor Date
The emergence of geographical information systems (GIS) in academic libraries Michele D. Shular Isola Ajiferuke 2002 December
Proposed bibliographic instruction program for organic and inorganic chemistry graduate students L. E. Briggs Pam McKenzie 2002 December
[Dissemination of consumer health information by public librarians] Brandi Borman Pam McKenzie 2002 Fall
Dissemination of consumer and mental health information by public librarians in Ontario Brandi Borman Pam McKenzie 2002 Summer
Generisms: what are you laughing at? – representations of gender and genderisms in contemporary film Steve Dam and Kate Kerr 2002 May
Following the scent of safari: an adventure in consumerism, advertising, and the colonial simulacrum Katrina M. Rudmin 2002 April
The accessible web: It’s not just about media metrix numbers, it’s about users – A pilot study of the accessibility of online Canadian newspapers Sarah Forgrave Lynne McKechnie 2002 April
‘Stan, our man’: E. Stanley Beacock, half a century of library service to the people Laura Reilly Pam McKenzie 2002 April


Title of Project Student Advisor Date
Burma & the Internet: communication, information and mobilization Alex Bowling Nick Dyer-Witheford 2001 May
Too many “girls” in the shower: the fight for space between slasher and pornographic films Tara Mimnagh Carole Farber 2001 April
Canada and the world outside: an exploratory study of foreign news coverage in three Canadian newspapers in 1990 and 2000 Colleen Ross Anatha Babbili 2001 April
African children’s books: A survey of North American public library holdings Andrea P. Stadt Pam McKenzie 2001 December
Ontario library history literature review (and proposal for 698: a biography of E.S. Beacock) Laura Reilly Pam McKenzie 2001 December
On the verge of another “Great Day”?: re-examining folk music and the folk revival Shawn L. Pulver Keir Keightley 2001
Online on ramps: A pilot study evaluation of the accessibility of Canadian public library websites to visually and hearing challenged customers Sarah Forgrave Lynne McKechnie 2001 April


Title of Project Student Advisor Date
C. George McCulagh and his disillusionment with the Ontario Hepburn government (1936-7) Ian Edward Ross David Spencer 2000 April
Looking through different eyes: male fantasies and women’s reality in the Vietnam war Zena Sharman 2000 April
Celebrity shadow Jared Gutstadt Keir Keightley 2000 April
Technology in society: America’s machine Sara Martel Tim Blackmore 2000 April
Cyber-Christ Stavros Papavasiliou Carole Farber 2000 April
Exploring the interplay between degree of encroachment, individual perceptions and helping behaviour in cyberspace Sarah Forgave Jacquie Burkell 2000 April
From culture shock to corporate prop: the evolution of gangsta culture from mind bomb to advertising chic Jeff Heydon 2000
The GSLIS rare books collection: Recommendations for dispersal Nancy Lorimer Don Wicks 1996 Winter
Feasibility study regarding the Diocese of Huron Archives’ involvement in microfilming projects Leith Peterson Robert Montague/ Patricia Dewdney 1992 December
Protectionism in the Canadian magazine industry: a study of Time and Maclean’s Johanna Kowal Candace Gibson 1998 April
Trudeaumania: a partnership of media and politician in scripted symbiosis Scott Costen 1997 June
Noam Chomsky and the manufacturing of consent Albert Shu 1995 April
Canadian foreign policy in the Persian Gulf War Steven Heipel Michael Nolan 1992 April