Decolonizing the Library

Land Acknowledgement

FIMS Library land acknowledgement on terrace
FIMS Library land acknowledgement displayed on FNB terrace.

Our land acknowledgement is meant to acknowledge historical and ongoing injustices that Indigenous Peoples (e.g. First Nations, M├ętis and Inuit) endure in Canada, and we accept responsibility as a public institution to contribute toward revealing and correcting miseducation as well as renewing respectful relationships with Indigenous communities through our teaching, research and community service.

Stencilled on the FIMS terrace, our acknowledgement reads: The FIMS Library sits on the traditional land of the Attawandaran, and now the Chippewa, Oneida, and Munsee Nations.

More information about Western University land acknowledgements, including audio files for accurate pronunciation may be found here:

Indigenous Collection

The latest addition to our Indigenous Collection is The Barren Grounds: The Misewa Saga, Book One, by David A. Robertson.

Our Indigenous Collection showcases poetry, sci-fi, graphic novels, non-fiction and more from Indigenous writers. See them on display in the library, or view the collection online, here. All books are available to be checked-out overnight.